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Transformations and Great Awakenings!!!!!!

Allow the Divinty within to guide you throughout!

All is Energy, All is Love; Love is most POWERFUL energy we possess use it wisely.


3/29   Moon enters Leo 1:48 a.m  ( VoC Saturday 7:52 p.m to Sunday 7:42 a.m)

3/30   Venus trine Pluto  3:45 p.m

Mercury enters Aries  9:44 p.m

3/31   Mars enters Taurus  12:27 p.m

Moon enters Virgo  2:21 p.m  (VoC  8:07- 8:19)

4/2    Mercury trine Saturn  8:21 a.m

Sun trine Jupiter  1:20 p.m

4/3    Moon enters Libra Thursday  3:07 a.m  (VoC 9:04 p.m to Friday 9:11 a.m)

4/4    Full Moon in Libra/Lunar Eclipse  (8:06a.m)


Venus trine Pluto  A time to enjoy doing things you love and mean something to you; spending time with loved ones, doing creative projects, or simply just finding peace and pleasure in your everyday life. This energy is beneficial and assists one with finding the beauty within the soul. Commitments are renewed, a new look at love is established either with self or partner.  Relationships intensify under this aspect. A time for probing deep into the truth of the relationships; commitments are formed bonds created and the soul is definitely involved here. Sexual relationships intensify and if there is a deeper connection it will be firm, if not however it could just fizzle out for something more lasting.


Mercury enters Aries A time for quick thinking and decision making. There may be little patience for long explanations or taking time to mull things over, Mercury in Aries is all about quick communication. We may be inspired in new ideas, a pioneering spirit, that shares an ability to be more direct and spontaneous in our connections with others.


Mars enters Taurus encourages a slower more steady dependable pace to your goals and actions. This energy helps you complete your goals. There is a staying power that is achieved in many that can be more methodical and less likely to rush to the finish line.


Mercury trine Saturn brings stable mental energy. A good time for analyzing as you are likely to be accurate and precise.  There is support for you willingness to strive, to be patient and to think, plan and organize effectively. There may be more responsibilities, but with the right attitude and mental approach you will know exactly how to handle what is on your plate with a certain amount of practicality and ease.     


Sun trine Jupiter shares enthusiasm, optimism, and overall good cheer. Friendly encounters, exuberance, and self-confidence are some of the best transit energies we get! A perfect time for expansion and growth Good fortune is present and we should be too. Some may be content just to be happy and feel good, but if you want to make the most of this energy GET OUT THERE AND OPEN THE DOOR FOR OPPORTUNITY! It won’t just land in your lap, but it’s there for each and every one of us. Take a chance to make your good fortune your reality.


Full Moon in Libra/Lunar Eclipse Like a crackling lightening bolt descending from the sky, allow for whatever is important to be illuminated and to be revealed. Expect the unexpected is the theme On April 4th, 2015, we arrive to the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra at 15 degrees. This one will be symbolically bursting with interesting energies. The area of relationships and partnerships of all kinds are about to undergo a major shake up to wake up” The Full Moon in Libra is very closely connected to Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn all at 15 degrees creating a “T-square” aspect (dynamic tension). While transiting Jupiter in Leo retrograde adds a symbolic “big” dose of energy to the whole configuration. The pace will quicken, tensions increase until the peak is reached and then the breakthroughs will fall into place and be experienced.” -Dipali Desai

This is an excellent blog about the coming eclipse for more info: (

for more detailed information check out these sites:


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