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Energy of this week, what I see

mars aries head

There is a lot going on with our drive, innate desire to go, do create, the head is the area of the body affected for action, action, action!!!

3/9 Moon in Scorpio

3/10 Mars (Aries) trine Jupiter (Leo)

3/11 Mars (Aries) conjunct Uranus (Aries)          

Mars (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn)          

Moon in Sagittarius      

3/12 Mercury enters Pisces

3/14 Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius        

Moon in Capricorn

3/16 Mercury (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius)         

Uranus (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn)          

Venus enters Taurus         

Moon in Aquarius

This week is a Mars energy week! There is a lot going on with our drive, innate desire to go, do create, the head is the area of the body affected for action, action, action!!!

Today, 3/9, the moon enters Scorpio, can be emotional, passionate energy. Great energy for surgical procedures, not so great for making shopping decisions (you probably won’t use it or will take it back according to

Well, Jupiter trine Mars and Uranus conjunct Mars produce energetic influences that can have many acting before they think, or just being a bit too eager to make a move, impulsive. Others will find this energy so enjoyable and easy they will have to put much effort into getting things accomplished, being a bit too much in their heads. This energy leads to more surprises and unexpected things happening. This is also the time to beware of everything going on around you, especially when driving or working with machines, stuff just happens with machines when Uranus and Mars get together.  This week will be a week of sudden thought flashes of insight also. So if you are aware, your surprise can likely be intuitive, the “aha” moments of knowing and connecting with Spirit to get a message, rather than Spirit needing to get your attention another way, “accidents”  perhaps. This energy is taking place in Aries, which rules the head (Mars and Uranus both in Aries), so to capitalize on this allow yourself time to quiet your mind and be still (Mars (ego) will struggle) to allow the electric power of mind to connect with the energy influenced by Uranus (electric) thought, and you just may receive the idea or thought that will change your life and those around you. There will be action required, Mars will make sure of that, along with following you higher Self, or Spirit Guides, you are successful. Jupiter helps make all of this fast moving thought provoking energy all the more harmonious.

Mars will also square Pluto which brings with it the challenge of how and why to assert your power, which is surely intense now for Mars (the head). To bring about change, or to incorporate your right  “idea” into your life, you have to make the necessary adjustments, and this is where life plays her part by showing you all the obstacles in your way. Use Pluto/Mars energy through a physical fitness routine or some outlet to release pressure that may build up (this is why Virgo full moon told us to get our physical activity on point last week). We need to combine meditation and exercise to properly channel this energy along with actively pursuing our goals.

Mercury enters Pisces, which influences how we communicate and travel. This energy tends to allow us the opportunity to speak our feelings, to not be so detail oriented, but to see the big picture.  There is the energy to connect with others, to listen and be heard. Now, this energy also leads to deception and misdirection because some may not be in tune with their feelings and fear being vulnerable, so they shield themselves with dreams, fairy tales and drama, a lie. Use your intuition, trust your intuition. If faced with the challenging situation to face some fears in communications, face them with courage, don’t spin the tale and create a story. The universe is giving us the opportunity to grow and connect, we can only do that when we have faith and trust in that connection. Travel may be difficult during this time, must focus and pay attention.

Saturn will retrograde in Sagittarius on the 14th. Saturn is going back into Scorpio, we must complete the spiritual cleansing and healing that has been going on in Scorpio the last 3 years, here’s everyone’s chance to “get right” before Saturn really gets involved with Sagittarius energy, change has to come from within.  

Mercury and Saturn square on 3/16 which tends to cause mental agitation, worry about failing to succeed and past failures. There is a lean toward traditional thoughts here, comparing what has been established to what is being thought up or dreamed, intuited (Mercury in Pisces). Again, relax the head, the mind, meditate, speculate and create. Saturn energy is to make you strong in what it is you are doing or to realize that is a house of cards on sand. Be honest with self, but know, Saturn energy wants to shake you up, doesn’t typically like to deal with the unseen and questions all things spiritual, as it is energy of solid foundations of tangible life. Saturn energy has a hard time trusting what cannot be seen, focus on what you know in your heart to make it manifest. We are given a chance to trust in what we know we are manifesting and to affirm the blueprints of our desired goal and actions.  

Pluto and Uranus have been squaring off since 2012. This is one of the aspects of great change from prophecy. These two generational planetary energies influence our political structures and demand a change, out with the old and in with the new. We see the effects of this now, we actively effect this change as well with how we elevate our lives now. This square challenges us to psychically examine our motives and actions many times before making a move. This energy tends to leave things in upheaval so that you will get the message, learn from it and move on.  Patience, meditation, forgiveness and compassion are good to practice during this energy. We should be “feeling” the effects of these energies now, as the square approaches. It will be direct on next Monday (3/16), and then begin to separate and diminish its influence slowly, a relief for some. So be prepared for challenges, rebellious actions, emotional challenges, things that will confront you to make a choice on which direction your life will go. Reflect on all decisions, meditate, breathe and allow the greatness of Light shine within and throughout encompassing your entire being, as you affirm in your brilliant mind, “ I feel the Light, I see the Light, I AM the Light, The knowledge for me from Creator is mine and I claim it, I know it, and I act effectively, resourcefully on it with Love, Compassion, and Truth, bringing forth God’s will through my being on Earth.”

Venus enters its home in Taurus on 3/16. The energy brings about feelings of love, and beauty, a need for stability and comfort. This is another energy that can influence people through the physical connections to earth mother, stability and security. This includes, and not limited to, physical touch, sense stimulation, all things “earthy” and sensuous. Romance has the opportunity to increase if you are open to the energies, vulnerable to emotions (Taurus is typically very shy with that), and willing to commit a part of yourself to another. This energy is about stable relationships, commitments and showing of affections, roses anyone? There is the influence to engage with your partner in a joyous sensual union this week, love is in the air!

Thanks to for 2015 Major Planetary Events Calendar and other helpful insights

venus inTaurus 2


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