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Knowledge Guides Truth of Self Teaching the children to lead Self.

Natal astrology readings for children (and adults)


Help your child become even more dynamic accessing their higher power with full knowledge of what their personal goals are as prepared by Creator Most High berth by Mother Goddess. The path to victory is here and Now. Full natal with all aspects explained,(chiron, north/south nodes, part of fortune, and lillith) sent to you with a phone consultation (which can be recorded) Preparing for Full moon in Virgo, Solar eclipse and Spring equinox all in Pisces sun soon transiting into Aries for Spring. Find out what is possible for you to maximize your success and minimize your losses This is an interpretation of your spiritual goals and lessons as well as how to make your material world match your spiritual world, Higher Power, Right Knowing, Thinking and Right Action). I am here to help. Peace love light. Know thySelf (knowledge of Body/physical, Mind/mental, God/Spiritual in you) Ase’ .


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