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This Week Beneficent Energy Vibrations

The week of March 1-7, 2015


The purpose of this information is to become aware of the energies that are influencing the planet (us). This awareness gives us power and a deeper connection to the force within us; the Power to make choices from wisdom and knowledge connected to and coming through our psychic connections. Trust your intuition, recognize what is influencing your energy body and listen to the promptings from within, they are the same.


The harmony flows into our social life also with aspects of Jupiter, Uranus and Venus influencing love, fun, romance, social networking, more excitement unexpected gathering, optimism in love or contacts, harmony in dealing with others.

Be aware of over doing it though, Jupiter can go overboard and Venus will go with it. Know your limits but it is okay to have fun and be willing to take a chance. This harmonious influence is presenting us an opportunity to take a chance, do something different, (some people like to play the number, think lucky star and win, or some folks go to the Casino to socialize and have fun, now is the time to take a chance if your spirit is so inclined.) For others it may be taking a chance in love, dating, connecting with old friends, investments are being smiled on now too, and Uranus is ready to surprise us at any moment.

Keep your thoughts positive, your mind on raising your vibration. Know that as above so below, if the music is playing your favorite song, you have fun, well now is that time. Be Practical, also.

The full moon in Virgo on 3/5 sends influences for just that.

Virgo is practical and analytical, but also critical and a bit nervous. Virgo governs the day to day activities it takes to maintain a healthy productive life on Earth. Including how we take care of ourselves, others, the environment and pets, or all living creatures. Now is a good time to begin or enhance your daily exercise or physical routine, how you take care of home and body environment should be assessed/inventoried and fixed where needed.

Because this Sun is in Pisces, the tendency to be a bit dreamy and unrealistic is present. Allow Virgo and Pisces energy to work together so you can imagine, visualize, meditate, dream your successful life into reality. Virgo is seeking perfection on the physical while Pisces is seeking unity with the One, perfection.

Together, the energy can be used to assist you in manifesting your “perfect” life grounded in your spiritual self. You must be courageous to answer the call of the Spirit, the changes that are to come now are for your benefit and that of the nation. Open yourself to receive what is by creation already yours, you can block the energy you cannot stop it, may as well work with it.

Keep your mind focused, Pisces energy brings about deception and illusions as well, and most likely you are only deceiving yourself and your spirit will call someone to you to wake you up out of your self induced illusion, if you are not listening, by showing it to you from the outside, through other people or situations. Keep your self protected by being aware and trusting your intuition.  

egyptian rising

Pisces is selfless energy also, wanting to heal the spiritual wounds and bring unity and wholeness, Virgo seeks to heal the Earth, the body keeping the ground fertile for spiritual growth. This week, especially during the full moon, focus on self healing and psychic awareness (protection) and the manifestation of the collective vision as well as what needs to happen in your life, (everyday Virgo) from now until manifestation, to bring the vision about step by step. We all have a part in this. What we do each day brings us closer to the manifestation of our goals. It all begins with our thoughts. Keep your mind, don’t confuse your spirit with mixed messages of doubt, fear and uncertainty.  Keep your vibrations high. Keep your thoughts positive, courageous and confident!

A focus on the Sun Re, (the positive Power, Regenerative power), the spirit of the sun that charges you daily, is a powerful way to remain vital energetic, excited and driven, pushing out doubt and fear, movement or exercise of some sort and an recognition of the power within to raise you up in vibration, and know you are one with All.


There is only Love.

Peace with God.

Peace with Nature.

Peace with In.


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