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big love
Share Love

Expand Love, Love

All around big expansive loving whole

waiting wanting for the joining of the few the many who agree

to share love hold each other one another in a unconditional grip

Loves one sacrifice;

“Anytime Lord from the dry dust out of these chains from the devils house!”

To the glowing house of the Lord of Love

Always hold onto Love,  Love!

Share love and bask in glow of the truth of you Love,

you are one of many,  you come here through a  star

for a purpose to share love; to be love; EXPAND LOVE

All  is the vibration of love

create that which agrees with love

you are arrive love

you depart love

enjoy the love journey while you share love

experience love; be love; give love; Expand Love, Love

Love in return begets Love

give love, love freely unconditionally

be love and for you love will do the same in return…

The healing force of love shines through all of nature, let your love light shine

there is only so much love can do bottled up inside of you

let it loose set it free let love be

the force behind ALL that you seek, be feel, need, want,


Healing begins within, is reciprocated through others

Love Nature, Nurture Love

Love through all Natures

Share love

Heal Love

Heal yourself

Heal others

Heal the world

Heal Love

Expand Love, Love

Peace and know I love All of you


Sesheta Maat 2/27/2015


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