Transformations and Great Awakenings!!!!!!

Allow the Divinty within to guide you throughout!

All is Energy, All is Love; Love is most POWERFUL energy we possess use it wisely.


3/29   Moon enters Leo 1:48 a.m  ( VoC Saturday 7:52 p.m to Sunday 7:42 a.m)

3/30   Venus trine Pluto  3:45 p.m

Mercury enters Aries  9:44 p.m

3/31   Mars enters Taurus  12:27 p.m

Moon enters Virgo  2:21 p.m  (VoC  8:07- 8:19)

4/2    Mercury trine Saturn  8:21 a.m

Sun trine Jupiter  1:20 p.m

4/3    Moon enters Libra Thursday  3:07 a.m  (VoC 9:04 p.m to Friday 9:11 a.m)

4/4    Full Moon in Libra/Lunar Eclipse  (8:06a.m)


Venus trine Pluto  A time to enjoy doing things you love and mean something to you; spending time with loved ones, doing creative projects, or simply just finding peace and pleasure in your everyday life. This energy is beneficial and assists one with finding the beauty within the soul. Commitments are renewed, a new look at love is established either with self or partner.  Relationships intensify under this aspect. A time for probing deep into the truth of the relationships; commitments are formed bonds created and the soul is definitely involved here. Sexual relationships intensify and if there is a deeper connection it will be firm, if not however it could just fizzle out for something more lasting.


Mercury enters Aries A time for quick thinking and decision making. There may be little patience for long explanations or taking time to mull things over, Mercury in Aries is all about quick communication. We may be inspired in new ideas, a pioneering spirit, that shares an ability to be more direct and spontaneous in our connections with others.


Mars enters Taurus encourages a slower more steady dependable pace to your goals and actions. This energy helps you complete your goals. There is a staying power that is achieved in many that can be more methodical and less likely to rush to the finish line.


Mercury trine Saturn brings stable mental energy. A good time for analyzing as you are likely to be accurate and precise.  There is support for you willingness to strive, to be patient and to think, plan and organize effectively. There may be more responsibilities, but with the right attitude and mental approach you will know exactly how to handle what is on your plate with a certain amount of practicality and ease.     


Sun trine Jupiter shares enthusiasm, optimism, and overall good cheer. Friendly encounters, exuberance, and self-confidence are some of the best transit energies we get! A perfect time for expansion and growth Good fortune is present and we should be too. Some may be content just to be happy and feel good, but if you want to make the most of this energy GET OUT THERE AND OPEN THE DOOR FOR OPPORTUNITY! It won’t just land in your lap, but it’s there for each and every one of us. Take a chance to make your good fortune your reality.


Full Moon in Libra/Lunar Eclipse Like a crackling lightening bolt descending from the sky, allow for whatever is important to be illuminated and to be revealed. Expect the unexpected is the theme On April 4th, 2015, we arrive to the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra at 15 degrees. This one will be symbolically bursting with interesting energies. The area of relationships and partnerships of all kinds are about to undergo a major shake up to wake up” The Full Moon in Libra is very closely connected to Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn all at 15 degrees creating a “T-square” aspect (dynamic tension). While transiting Jupiter in Leo retrograde adds a symbolic “big” dose of energy to the whole configuration. The pace will quicken, tensions increase until the peak is reached and then the breakthroughs will fall into place and be experienced.” -Dipali Desai

This is an excellent blog about the coming eclipse for more info: (

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Happy Solar New Year

Earth-Goddess spring

There is a lot going on this week in the astrology energetic harmonic makeup for us to capitalize on!!! This is a week of change, one of growing up and out. Jupiter is still retrograde in Leo, giving us a change to look again at our finances, our outlook and how we want to be seen in life, what are our achievements, how do we have fun in the midst of eternal change and growth. We are also getting a full dose of reality check with all the planetary influences in Pisces (Sun, Chiron, Mercury, Neptune, upcoming New Moon, and total Solar eclipse). It is a time of release, letting go, facing what is in order to become what one desires. This is a time to have faith to “Believe” (as is the Piscean Motto) in something greater than ones-self.  And as as we receive all the strength and energy we need from the Cosmos to support our belief, meditate and formulate this acceptance into our dna structure, our hearts, mind and energy bodies, these new harmonics to improve ourselves for the upcoming year, 12 hours later we are ushered into Aries, where we are to put our new found self, knowing, our plan into action. We are to begin the journey of completion, again.

Venus enters Taurus:  Energy of love and passion and of possessiveness and content. This is a sensual and tangible love.    The need to experience love and life through the senses. This is a time to analyze what we think of love. How we feel about love and how we express what we call love. Love is an energy we all participate in through the essence of creation and the love of Creator Most High or the Omni One. Now we must examine how we participate in the oneness of love, conditionally or unconditionally. This is a energy that will express love through things tangible and sensual. That is fine, but is that love? Make sure kind gestures of this expression are just that; kind gestures. Just because you give someone a gift or help them out does not mean you own them or they owe you something in return. (even if you are so bold as to get something I writing, it will not keep your karma clear, that will only work in man’s court). Look to self first. Indulge in pleasing and sending pleasure through your own bodies, physical and energetic. This can help make sharing with others so much easier, you are already sharing love by giving it to yourself. Create a harmonic loving vibration within and imagine it touching everyone you know and everyone they know to the 6th power (6 degrees of separation; everyone on Earth is touched by a boost of love power-the greatest power of them all (according to Luther Vandross)).

Ask yourself about your values, morals, character and your issues of control or lack thereof. This energy can lead to stubbornness to change, acknowledge this in self and with courage and assistance from spirit guides and true friends (who will tell you it’s time to change) begin the journey of letting go and transforming into a new healthier better you!

Uranus square Pluto:  the final of the 7 of these squares is finally here! These two generational planets are making sure we get the message, A CHANGE IS GONNA COME!!! And it is NOW.  Pluto stays in one sign anywhere from 11 upwards to 28 years sometimes and Uranus about 7 or 8 years. Pluto enterd Capricorn in 2008 and will remain until 2024, we have a long way to go and the changes will revolutionize the way political, government, big business structures work. This includes these aspects within ourselves. Do you start something and not finish it? That will likely change in this energy, better find what you love and do that to perfection. Pluto’s influence is one of an evolutionary souls  journey of intent and purpose. What are you truly here to accomplish over your Soul’s lifetimes. We are advancing Soul being having mortal, physical, human experiences. We are learning through the dualities of this dimension how to overcome suffering and pain ignorance and death, to remember who we are and do what it takes to activate the body/mind/heart mechanisms within a vibratory harmonious rate that allows us to function in harmony with Everything in Creation, as god on the planet Earth. That takes work, mistakes will happen, healing will come. Our mission is to evolve, to change, to grow UP. We are Lords of the Earth, Pluto helps us remember who we are and why we are here through both regenerative and destructive energies. While Uranus supports our visions, our intuition, and ability to connect with universal mind and invent something new to better our lives and journeys on Earth, in this dimension of existence, possibly to pull us out of this dimension. Uranus is that spark of knowing that hits scientist and inventors, it is said to be the Planet of that governs astrologers as well. The square that is occur here is one of dynamic change; which way to go. We are all being challenged in how we choose to let go and reinvent ourselves into the beings we truly know we are and want to be and how we go about being that. Uranus is in the head (Aries) so intuition should be increasing over the next couple of days while Pluto is in the knees, skeletal system and skin (Capricorn). The messages to improve self are coming from within pay attention to signs and symbols, messages that you know mean something to you, be aware and alert, pay attention some folks may not be aware as you, accidents are still prevelant, machines may act odd. Meditate and exercise. Write down what you are experiencing. It is all relevant.

Mercury conjunct Neptune 

This energetic can lead to heightened intuition, imagination, and sensitivity to surroundings or environment. Because Mercury tends to be a nervous energy, some may experience a need to avoid any type of confrontation what-so-ever. The avoidance issues can lead to dishonesty and misrepresentations of one’s true motives (the confrontation is really within). Communication must be clear and honest, think before speak or responding. Allow a clear comprehension of the situation to settle on you before proceeding. Neptune induces a dreamy reality of the “what it could be”; see what is and connect that to the “could be” dream as possible. May lead to difficulty in expression, find alternate modes of communicating, try something creative and new.

The New Moon/Solar eclipse is a time to open to intuition and psychic awareness. A time to quietly connect with the Higher Self in an acknowledgement of one’s growth and development on this current path. During this time an expression of gratitude and an acceptance of oneness and unity is powerful. We are entering a gateway that that gains us access to the higher intuitive channels within our being. We are welcoming our Spirit Guides, our Ancestors and all of the helpers we receive along our way of becoming one. We open to healing, transmutation, transformation of our psyche, of our awareness as we develop the patience to know that all that we want is there for us at the exactly right time, if only we can wait patiently, diligently striving for our gain, in love and unity. We are learning to be more confident in our selves and each other, dissolving boundaries of self imposed and outer imposed limitations.

Solar eclipse window is a good time to be meditating or doing yoga or some spiritual movements connecting body mind through breath. These movements will connect the masculine Solar moving breathing energies to the feminine Lunar holding breathe and pose energies.  Just be open and aware of the energies if nothing else.    Clear your mind focus on energy of body, notice be aware, but as an observer. Do not judge, or think of what is going on. You can just be. It is good to do any ritual or celebration for new moon/eclipse after eclipse is completely finished.


Sun in Aries  Spring Equinox Happy Solar New Year: The Solar return, the King has arisen from the abyss; the sun returns to Aries sparking life, fertility, initiative and drive. Once again to begin the hero’s journey to conquer evil and build a better existence (if only he could stay focused). Recognize the hero’s journey is within all of us, all the lower desires that distract us from our path and goal to unite in god-hood. Evil equals DISTRACTIONS. In Aries we have the opportunity to again utilize our energy to begin creating a better MAN to become GOD. We must focus on our goal, stay the course and have the courage to balance our ego and eagerness to advance with the patience we learned in Pisces. Change is here. What must you do to begin the manifestation of your change? Listen, Comprehend, and Do, 

Mercury sextile Pluto: Transformational communicative energies in business and social affairs. Energy is effective, positive, and agreeable so long as you are aware of what needs to chane. Take a new perspective, be open for the spark of newness in how you communicate, may be time for an upgrade, or something a little more creative. You may be drawn to some sort of creative expression or a new way of doing business or how/who you hang out with. Try new things, evaluate what works and let go of what doesn’t. Not a time to be a stick in the mud, allow this energy to assist you in the transformation of YOU.

Thanks to for 2015 Major Planetary Events Calendar


Energy of this week, what I see

mars aries head

There is a lot going on with our drive, innate desire to go, do create, the head is the area of the body affected for action, action, action!!!

3/9 Moon in Scorpio

3/10 Mars (Aries) trine Jupiter (Leo)

3/11 Mars (Aries) conjunct Uranus (Aries)          

Mars (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn)          

Moon in Sagittarius      

3/12 Mercury enters Pisces

3/14 Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius        

Moon in Capricorn

3/16 Mercury (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius)         

Uranus (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn)          

Venus enters Taurus         

Moon in Aquarius

This week is a Mars energy week! There is a lot going on with our drive, innate desire to go, do create, the head is the area of the body affected for action, action, action!!!

Today, 3/9, the moon enters Scorpio, can be emotional, passionate energy. Great energy for surgical procedures, not so great for making shopping decisions (you probably won’t use it or will take it back according to

Well, Jupiter trine Mars and Uranus conjunct Mars produce energetic influences that can have many acting before they think, or just being a bit too eager to make a move, impulsive. Others will find this energy so enjoyable and easy they will have to put much effort into getting things accomplished, being a bit too much in their heads. This energy leads to more surprises and unexpected things happening. This is also the time to beware of everything going on around you, especially when driving or working with machines, stuff just happens with machines when Uranus and Mars get together.  This week will be a week of sudden thought flashes of insight also. So if you are aware, your surprise can likely be intuitive, the “aha” moments of knowing and connecting with Spirit to get a message, rather than Spirit needing to get your attention another way, “accidents”  perhaps. This energy is taking place in Aries, which rules the head (Mars and Uranus both in Aries), so to capitalize on this allow yourself time to quiet your mind and be still (Mars (ego) will struggle) to allow the electric power of mind to connect with the energy influenced by Uranus (electric) thought, and you just may receive the idea or thought that will change your life and those around you. There will be action required, Mars will make sure of that, along with following you higher Self, or Spirit Guides, you are successful. Jupiter helps make all of this fast moving thought provoking energy all the more harmonious.

Mars will also square Pluto which brings with it the challenge of how and why to assert your power, which is surely intense now for Mars (the head). To bring about change, or to incorporate your right  “idea” into your life, you have to make the necessary adjustments, and this is where life plays her part by showing you all the obstacles in your way. Use Pluto/Mars energy through a physical fitness routine or some outlet to release pressure that may build up (this is why Virgo full moon told us to get our physical activity on point last week). We need to combine meditation and exercise to properly channel this energy along with actively pursuing our goals.

Mercury enters Pisces, which influences how we communicate and travel. This energy tends to allow us the opportunity to speak our feelings, to not be so detail oriented, but to see the big picture.  There is the energy to connect with others, to listen and be heard. Now, this energy also leads to deception and misdirection because some may not be in tune with their feelings and fear being vulnerable, so they shield themselves with dreams, fairy tales and drama, a lie. Use your intuition, trust your intuition. If faced with the challenging situation to face some fears in communications, face them with courage, don’t spin the tale and create a story. The universe is giving us the opportunity to grow and connect, we can only do that when we have faith and trust in that connection. Travel may be difficult during this time, must focus and pay attention.

Saturn will retrograde in Sagittarius on the 14th. Saturn is going back into Scorpio, we must complete the spiritual cleansing and healing that has been going on in Scorpio the last 3 years, here’s everyone’s chance to “get right” before Saturn really gets involved with Sagittarius energy, change has to come from within.  

Mercury and Saturn square on 3/16 which tends to cause mental agitation, worry about failing to succeed and past failures. There is a lean toward traditional thoughts here, comparing what has been established to what is being thought up or dreamed, intuited (Mercury in Pisces). Again, relax the head, the mind, meditate, speculate and create. Saturn energy is to make you strong in what it is you are doing or to realize that is a house of cards on sand. Be honest with self, but know, Saturn energy wants to shake you up, doesn’t typically like to deal with the unseen and questions all things spiritual, as it is energy of solid foundations of tangible life. Saturn energy has a hard time trusting what cannot be seen, focus on what you know in your heart to make it manifest. We are given a chance to trust in what we know we are manifesting and to affirm the blueprints of our desired goal and actions.  

Pluto and Uranus have been squaring off since 2012. This is one of the aspects of great change from prophecy. These two generational planetary energies influence our political structures and demand a change, out with the old and in with the new. We see the effects of this now, we actively effect this change as well with how we elevate our lives now. This square challenges us to psychically examine our motives and actions many times before making a move. This energy tends to leave things in upheaval so that you will get the message, learn from it and move on.  Patience, meditation, forgiveness and compassion are good to practice during this energy. We should be “feeling” the effects of these energies now, as the square approaches. It will be direct on next Monday (3/16), and then begin to separate and diminish its influence slowly, a relief for some. So be prepared for challenges, rebellious actions, emotional challenges, things that will confront you to make a choice on which direction your life will go. Reflect on all decisions, meditate, breathe and allow the greatness of Light shine within and throughout encompassing your entire being, as you affirm in your brilliant mind, “ I feel the Light, I see the Light, I AM the Light, The knowledge for me from Creator is mine and I claim it, I know it, and I act effectively, resourcefully on it with Love, Compassion, and Truth, bringing forth God’s will through my being on Earth.”

Venus enters its home in Taurus on 3/16. The energy brings about feelings of love, and beauty, a need for stability and comfort. This is another energy that can influence people through the physical connections to earth mother, stability and security. This includes, and not limited to, physical touch, sense stimulation, all things “earthy” and sensuous. Romance has the opportunity to increase if you are open to the energies, vulnerable to emotions (Taurus is typically very shy with that), and willing to commit a part of yourself to another. This energy is about stable relationships, commitments and showing of affections, roses anyone? There is the influence to engage with your partner in a joyous sensual union this week, love is in the air!

Thanks to for 2015 Major Planetary Events Calendar and other helpful insights

venus inTaurus 2

Empty your mind Be Like Water

water bruce

Keep your vibrations high, think powerful and positive. This is a great time to focus on getting in tune with the body and making sure there is some activity and movement throughout the day to keep your mood, mind spirit elevated, it also allows your body to process and eliminate what it must. Take care of you, do it for you! All the things we want in 2015 is waiting for us to grab it. So with that said breathe deep, drink water and move, flow allow your energy the proper channels of release so you are ready when the showers of goodness of what you create, come your way!

Knowledge Guides Truth of Self Teaching the children to lead Self.

Natal astrology readings for children (and adults)


Help your child become even more dynamic accessing their higher power with full knowledge of what their personal goals are as prepared by Creator Most High berth by Mother Goddess. The path to victory is here and Now. Full natal with all aspects explained,(chiron, north/south nodes, part of fortune, and lillith) sent to you with a phone consultation (which can be recorded) Preparing for Full moon in Virgo, Solar eclipse and Spring equinox all in Pisces sun soon transiting into Aries for Spring. Find out what is possible for you to maximize your success and minimize your losses This is an interpretation of your spiritual goals and lessons as well as how to make your material world match your spiritual world, Higher Power, Right Knowing, Thinking and Right Action). I am here to help. Peace love light. Know thySelf (knowledge of Body/physical, Mind/mental, God/Spiritual in you) Ase’ .

This Week Beneficent Energy Vibrations

The week of March 1-7, 2015


The purpose of this information is to become aware of the energies that are influencing the planet (us). This awareness gives us power and a deeper connection to the force within us; the Power to make choices from wisdom and knowledge connected to and coming through our psychic connections. Trust your intuition, recognize what is influencing your energy body and listen to the promptings from within, they are the same.


The harmony flows into our social life also with aspects of Jupiter, Uranus and Venus influencing love, fun, romance, social networking, more excitement unexpected gathering, optimism in love or contacts, harmony in dealing with others.

Be aware of over doing it though, Jupiter can go overboard and Venus will go with it. Know your limits but it is okay to have fun and be willing to take a chance. This harmonious influence is presenting us an opportunity to take a chance, do something different, (some people like to play the number, think lucky star and win, or some folks go to the Casino to socialize and have fun, now is the time to take a chance if your spirit is so inclined.) For others it may be taking a chance in love, dating, connecting with old friends, investments are being smiled on now too, and Uranus is ready to surprise us at any moment.

Keep your thoughts positive, your mind on raising your vibration. Know that as above so below, if the music is playing your favorite song, you have fun, well now is that time. Be Practical, also.

The full moon in Virgo on 3/5 sends influences for just that.

Virgo is practical and analytical, but also critical and a bit nervous. Virgo governs the day to day activities it takes to maintain a healthy productive life on Earth. Including how we take care of ourselves, others, the environment and pets, or all living creatures. Now is a good time to begin or enhance your daily exercise or physical routine, how you take care of home and body environment should be assessed/inventoried and fixed where needed.

Because this Sun is in Pisces, the tendency to be a bit dreamy and unrealistic is present. Allow Virgo and Pisces energy to work together so you can imagine, visualize, meditate, dream your successful life into reality. Virgo is seeking perfection on the physical while Pisces is seeking unity with the One, perfection.

Together, the energy can be used to assist you in manifesting your “perfect” life grounded in your spiritual self. You must be courageous to answer the call of the Spirit, the changes that are to come now are for your benefit and that of the nation. Open yourself to receive what is by creation already yours, you can block the energy you cannot stop it, may as well work with it.

Keep your mind focused, Pisces energy brings about deception and illusions as well, and most likely you are only deceiving yourself and your spirit will call someone to you to wake you up out of your self induced illusion, if you are not listening, by showing it to you from the outside, through other people or situations. Keep your self protected by being aware and trusting your intuition.  

egyptian rising

Pisces is selfless energy also, wanting to heal the spiritual wounds and bring unity and wholeness, Virgo seeks to heal the Earth, the body keeping the ground fertile for spiritual growth. This week, especially during the full moon, focus on self healing and psychic awareness (protection) and the manifestation of the collective vision as well as what needs to happen in your life, (everyday Virgo) from now until manifestation, to bring the vision about step by step. We all have a part in this. What we do each day brings us closer to the manifestation of our goals. It all begins with our thoughts. Keep your mind, don’t confuse your spirit with mixed messages of doubt, fear and uncertainty.  Keep your vibrations high. Keep your thoughts positive, courageous and confident!

A focus on the Sun Re, (the positive Power, Regenerative power), the spirit of the sun that charges you daily, is a powerful way to remain vital energetic, excited and driven, pushing out doubt and fear, movement or exercise of some sort and an recognition of the power within to raise you up in vibration, and know you are one with All.


There is only Love.

Peace with God.

Peace with Nature.

Peace with In.

big love
Share Love

Expand Love, Love

All around big expansive loving whole

waiting wanting for the joining of the few the many who agree

to share love hold each other one another in a unconditional grip

Loves one sacrifice;

“Anytime Lord from the dry dust out of these chains from the devils house!”

To the glowing house of the Lord of Love

Always hold onto Love,  Love!

Share love and bask in glow of the truth of you Love,

you are one of many,  you come here through a  star

for a purpose to share love; to be love; EXPAND LOVE

All  is the vibration of love

create that which agrees with love

you are arrive love

you depart love

enjoy the love journey while you share love

experience love; be love; give love; Expand Love, Love

Love in return begets Love

give love, love freely unconditionally

be love and for you love will do the same in return…

The healing force of love shines through all of nature, let your love light shine

there is only so much love can do bottled up inside of you

let it loose set it free let love be

the force behind ALL that you seek, be feel, need, want,


Healing begins within, is reciprocated through others

Love Nature, Nurture Love

Love through all Natures

Share love

Heal Love

Heal yourself

Heal others

Heal the world

Heal Love

Expand Love, Love

Peace and know I love All of you


Sesheta Maat 2/27/2015